Our Services

Chalcot House Services have been providing quality cleaning service to London for nearly 30 years. Over that time we have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge of how to clean and what our clients want.

We can supply you with highly trained cleaners by the hour, day or week to do your general cleaning and ironing. Would you like your windows washed each week? Sofa cushions flipped every other week? No problem. Each client has specific needs. We will create a bespoke service plan for you making sure we take care of all of your cleaning requirements.

Our Cleaners

Chalcot Cleaning Services is a fully integrated business with cleaners employed, supervised and managed by us.

All of our domestic cleaning staff members have undergone intensive training courses and attained certification standard by City & Guilds in practical cleaning skills. Rest assured our team knows how to handle everything from red wine stains on a carpet to lime scale in the bathroom.

Many of our staff members have been with us for a number of years and have demonstrated their good character time and time again.

A Regular Cleaner

Don’t worry, you can expect to see the same cleaner every week. We know that you value stability and reliability of service. Therefore we minimise shift changes whenever possible. Should your usual cleaner be on holiday, a cover-cleaner will be provided who will work off your usual detailed cleaning plan, minimizing any disruption to you.

Clearing Tools and Supplies

We all have our favorites, don’t we? We ask you to provide all cleaning materials and tools to ensure your house always smells the way you want it to. When you have your initial discussion with our office team, you will be given recommendations for cleaning supplies to have on hand to ensure our cleaners will be able to do the best job for you.

Monitoring of Work

When your cleaner arrives on site he/she clocks in and our using our barcode/0800 telephone system from your landline. This unique tracking method lets you know exactly when your cleanser arrives and leaves your property. There is no need to worry about rush-jobs or short shifts even if you aren’t able to monitor our cleaners personally.

Security is paramount

The safeguarding of your property while in the care of our staff is a top priority in our business. We have detailed, specific procedures in place to ensure that our clients’ household security is never compromised. Please contact our head office for more information.


Our indemnity insurance fully protects your property against lost or damage caused by our staff negligence. Please contact our head office for more information.

Clear Pricing

For one hour of cleaning, we charge £28 + VAT. and have a full range of payment options. Minimum of three hours required per visit and £30 per hours for one off cleans. We require 24 hours notice for cancellation without incurring fees.Clients are invoiced monthly in arrears at our published hourly rate. No contract is required; our cleaning services are provided in good faith. You are free to leave and return at any time.

Satisfaction. Guaranteed.

Clients are encouraged to contact us if they experience the slightest problem. The sooner we hear about an issue, the sooner we can put it right.

Our office staff is always available to discuss your needs and help ensure your requirements are met. At Chalcot House Services we take full responsibility for anything and everything relating to the service you receive.

Do you …?

Chances are, yes we do!

In addition to cleaning our staff can help you with:

Dog Walking
Pet Feeding
Accepting Deliveries
Waiting in for Tradesmen

We regularly deal with special requests from clients and are very happy to help make your life a little easier. Making sure your cat is fed, or your dry cleaning is waiting for you is as simple as dropping us an email!

Get all of your domestic chores finished in a phone call! Call us today on 020 7722 2533 or book online.