Chalcot, Your Ideal Maid Services Partner

What can Chalcot House Services do for you? Well, apart from boosting 30 years of experience in the business of house cleaning service, Chalcot provides you with the best professional maids the industry can offer. More so, the maids are not only well-equipped but also have the utmost knowledge in house cleaning services, hospitality, and general hygiene. Therefore, if you need anything cleaned, they will do it to the best that it can be cleaned.
Whether you want your windows, sofas, mats or floors scrubbed week in week out, our housemaid will be your perfect solution. We understand that each client has different house cleaning demands and as such we make sure that your order to hire a housemaid is met by the most qualified personnel.

Our Staff

As a fully integrated business, Chalcot Cleaning Services does its best to employ only the most qualified and certified cleaners. Finding a maid in London with the best skills and high ethical standards especially on your own can be a daunting task, but we have that already handled for you.

In keeping in line with the municipal maid cleaning service standards, we ensure that any maid we employ has been certified by City & Guilds. In addition, we go through a rigorous hiring exercise to ensure that our cleaners can handle all types of cleaning they may be called to attend to irrespective of how delicate and fragile it may be. They are trained to pay maximum attention to detail. They are competent individuals with an innate motivation to complete their tasks meticulously to your expectations.

To ensure a continued quality of service, we try to avoid changing cleaners every now and then. This has led us to maintain a high value and experienced pool of cleaners for the years that we have been in business. Well, with this you can choose to hire a maid to take care of all your house cleaning services for an entire week or even a month.

Same Local Cleaner

Stability and consistency is key to providing prolonged house cleaning services. We know this and that is why we minimize staff rotation as much as possible. Some clients are quick to build trust with our cleaners. Therefore, we try to promote the trust by ensuring that we allocate you the same local cleaner anytime you call us to hire a maid for specific or general house cleaning.

We have instances, where some of our clients have offered to leave their houses under the care of our staff for weeks whenever they are out for business or vacation.

In adiition, unlike any other maid cleaning service, Chalcot does not impose on the client the type of materials to be used in cleaning their houses. We understand that each client has a specific taste to how they would like their house to smell. Therefore, we let you choose the materials to be used in cleaning your house.

We can only go as far as recommending the best cleaning agents for certain areas of your house. However, the choice of a brand of soap detergent, stain remover, scrubber, toilet detergent and any other paraphernalia that may be required is yours to make.

Safety and Work Supervision

How do we manage to monitor all our cleaners? Our cleaners are required to clock in as soon as they arrive at your site using your telephone landline system or using our barcode. By using this tracking technique, we are able to know the exact time the maids arrive and leave our clients premises.

With Chalcot Maid Service London, our client doesn’t need to worry about short shift jobs or rush–jobs irrespective of whether or not they are around to oversee the maids’ work personally. We can assure you that, the instilled discipline in our cleaners will suffice in ensuring they work to the best of their ability with minimal supervision.

The safety and security of our clients’ property is paramount and as thus we make it our top most priority in our maid cleaning service. We train our domestic house maids to high standards of customer care and respect the privacy of our clients. The maids exhibit safe key-holding and are comprehensively insured. We can assure you that at any one point during the house cleaning service, your house and all property within is in safe hands.

Should you have any trust issues with our cleaners, we urge you to reach out to our head office and we will attend to your concerns promptly.

Property Insurance And Our Affordable Prices

As the most trusted housemaid providing entity in London, we don’t take your trust for granted. We go the extra mile to insure your property against damage and loss which may be caused by negligence by any of our cleaning staff. For further inquiries about the indemnity insurance, please contact our head office.

Chalcot House Cleaning Services are tailored to our clients’ needs and so are our prices. We only charge £28 inclusive of VAT with a wide range of payment methods. We require a minimum of three hours of cleaning for invoicing and a 24-hour notice of cancellation if you opt not to hire a maid.

Our clients are not tied down to any contractual obligation and they may terminate their request whenever they deem it necessary.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our office is always open to our clients and our maid cleaning services are made flexible to suit the client’s needs. If you need a cleaner changed, just give us a call right away and we will respond. It is our obligation to make your contended with our cleaning services.

Are we flexible enough? Yes we are. Chalcot Maid Service London delivers more than just house cleaning services. You can hire a maid to do any of the following:

Receive Deliveries
Dog Walking and Pet Feeding
Waiting for Tradesmen

Do you have any laundry, cutlery, floors, cushions or windows that need cleaning? Do you have a pet that needs taking care of? A maid service is all you need to set your house in perfect hygienic order. Book online or give us a call on 020 722 2533 and hire a maid with Chalcot Maid Service London to enjoy our deluxe services.