7 Cleaning Tips and Hacks to Help You Clean Like a Pro this February

The average person spends about one year and 107 days of their lives cleaning. Getting it right is crucial not only for a healthy environment but also saving time. That’s why we’re giving these tips and hacks for cleaning like a pro. Get ready to have your home twice as spotless!

1.     Adopt a Cleaning Pattern

It’s not rocket science, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a formula. Follow the top-to-bottom rule when cleaning every room. Start by dusting – knock off as much dust and debris as possible from the curtains, bookshelves, mantles, lampshades, seats, and tables. Work your way down. Not having to worry where the dust goes helps you clean faster. And, you can just suck it all off the floor in the end.

You also want to use a consistent pattern when cleaning things, so you don’t waste time going back to take care of missed spots. Go from left to right and from top to bottom to ensure that you get it right the first time.

2.     Apply Products, Clean Later

After you swish the cleaning agents around, give them a little time to work. This allows them to break down crud and destroy germs. It also means you’ll have less work to do.

3.     Declutter First, Clean Later

Set yourself up for success by decluttering beforehand. Pick things off the floor, put laundry away, and put away anything else that isn’t where it belongs. You’ll save much more time and concentrate on other tasks if you do away with the clutter first instead of trying to do everything at once.

4.     Take Everything off The Surface

You will save on time if you clear off the surface you are cleaning and put everything back at once, rather than cleaning underneath each item and putting it down. For instance, when dusting, you want to remove everything from the table or shelf before you clean. Also, rub each item with a microfiber cloth before putting it back. The same goes for the shower.

5.  Don’t Forget the Often Neglected Parts

How often do you touch your ceiling and walls when cleaning? How about the baseboards, fan, and under the sink?

Using the top-to-bottom style, dust your ceiling, followed by walls. Be sure to get all the corners. You could use a microfiber mop or tie an old T-shirt or towel over a broom.

Besides, don’t forget the ceiling fans and lighting fixtures, especially if you can reach them without having to drag in a giant ladder. Fans spread dust when they are not clean. If you have been ignoring your light fixtures and they are teeming with corpses of dead bugs, you could tackle a few every week until they’re all done.

Pros do the door jambs and light plates too. If you wipe them clean every week, they will never become visibly dirty again. A damp microfiber cloth is perfect here.

Another part often neglected is the baseboard. Yet, however sparkly the rest of the house is, if your baseboards are dirty, the house will still look untidy. If it’s been a while, you want to use a damp microfiber mop. Otherwise, vacuuming could do the trick.

Under the sink: it’s so easy to neglect cleaning under the sink, but you should be doing it all the time. The area where you keep your trash should receive extra attention as well.

6.  Clean Your Floor the Right Way

After dusting and cleaning the walls, fans, shelves, tabletops, and baseboard, you want to finish with the floor. Vacuum cleaners work well on carpeted floors. However, hardwood floors, tile, and laminate might get scratches and dents from a vacuum cleaner. You might want to go with a broom and dustpan on those.

Next, you want to clean with a damp or dry cloth. Wet mopping won’t cut it. Research shows that while damp mopping and dry mopping reduced bacterial colonies on the floor, wet mopping has the opposite effect.

7.     Carry a Caddy

Put all your cleaning products in a single caddy, so you can easily carry everything around the house. Also, you might want to consider buying multifunctional products – like an all-purpose cleaner that works for both the bath and the kitchen. However, specialized cleaners for each part might work better.


When done right, cleaning doesn’t take much time and can actually be lots of fun! However, sometimes you just want to sit back and let the professionals do it for you. They are trained and used to cleaning tasks, so you are sure they’ll get the job right every time.

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