Chalcot Reaffirming Quality Cleaning Services for Over 3 Decades

30-years of experience, that is what you get when you choose Chalcot cleaning services. Our home cleaning services have really come of age,and we have stayed true to our promises as more and more clients continue to demand our services. The secret to our success in home cleaning services lies in our commitment to quality services entrusted to loyal and professional staff who maintain our professional culture and the highest standard of integrity. 

As we mark 30 years in this business, we would like to share with our esteemed clients the core values that have helped us serve our clients most satisfactorily.

Utmost Professionalism

At Chalcot, we take a keen interest in the qualifications of our caregivers and cleaners. Before bringing any staff on board, we go through a rigorous recruitment exercise to ensure they can handle all our clients’ needs.

In addition, our staff is focused on completing the tasks allocated within the time frame provided. Besides, they are very social and friendly towards our clients,especially when required to perform tasks that require amicable and friendly communication.

It is also worth mentioning that our staffis licensed to work within the areas we operate;hence, they certify all legal requirements. As a result, we keep on file all the information regarding our staff for future reference.

To build trust with our new clients, we also provide a reference list of previous clients where each cleaner was assigned. This helps you to get credible feedback about the performance of the cleaner we are assigning to you.

Unique Customer-tailored Services

Chalcot has always strived to make sure our services are not generic. Therefore, we always have lengthy consultations with our clients to understand their needs fully. Well, we are fully aware and appreciate that every single client has special needs in one way or the other.

Once we have the client info on file, we brief our cleaners comprehensively so they can deliver the required services to the satisfaction of our clients.

Being knowledgeable of all our staff’s capabilities helps us deliver uniquely tailored services to each client.

Moreover, for consistency in the quality of services offeredwhen you request for a cleaner, we tend not to change our cleaners frequently.

Reliability and Stability

Staying in the cleaning industry for as long as we have has helped us learn more than a thing or two about consistency and reliability. The key is in offering satisfactory results over and over again. This consistency has built a reliable reputation that has helped us retain our clients and attract new ones.

As mentioned earlier, to ensure a continued level of high-quality cleaning and good raptor with our cleaners, Chalcotensures that the same cleaneris assigned to the same client. A standby cleaner is also assigned to the same house consistently. This will guarantee the same level of professionalism in case one of the assignedcleaners falls sick.   

Variability and Availability

Do you want a cleaner who can also pick groceries for you? Would you like a helper and a friend? Chalcot is the place to find the best cleaners for in-house cleaning services as well as someone to help run a few errands.

Our services are not limited to cleaning. We have staff who are well experienced in all house chores. That means they can clean and cook, do housekeeping and offer a hand of friendship when you need someone to talk to.

At Chalcot, we boast of variability in the types of services and availability of the personnel to carry them out anytime and every time.

Efficient Management

Chalcot has a well-structured and effectual leadership and administrative prowess that helps it stand out among the rest. The management keeps everyone on toes while protecting the interests of all stakeholders.

We are well organised with a flawless communication network that keeps us abreast of everything happening on the ground. Besides, we are always prompt to resolve any issues our clients may face with our cleaners.

Chalcot is the go to place for London’s maid and professional cleaning services. We are equally committed to all kinds of housekeeping. Moreover, we offer consultation services at no extra cost, and our cleaners will be at your doorstep in no time as soon as you are through with the contract forms.

Besides, we remain true to our ideals of a clean home while ensuring our clients receive value for their money. Book an appointment today with our instant quote option for professional and fairly priced cleaning services.

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