What Are We Learning From Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic came into our lives unannounced in 2020. For many families, it still is a very stressful period because of work loss or loved ones that have passed away due to Covid-19. And the scientists tell us that the pandemic will still be with us for quite a while.

Chalcot Reaffirming Quality Cleaning Services for Over 3 Decades

30-years of experience, that is what you get when you choose Chalcot cleaning services. Our home cleaning services have really come of age,and we have stayed true to our promises as more and more clients continue to demand our services. The secret to our success in home cleaning services lies in our commitment to quality services entrusted to loyal and professional staff who maintain our professional culture and the highest standard of integrity. 

House Cleaning Services

New Year Resolutions for Keeping Your House Clean and Tidy

We are halfway into the second month of this new year and like most people you must have come up with certain resolutions. Keeping ones New Year’s resolutions is not always a walk in the park. It requires a level of commitment especially when it’s about your personal fitness, eating a balanced diet, personal finances and housekeeping.  Well, other than housekeeping, we at Chalcot can’t do much about all the others.

How to Take Care of Leather Furniture

Whether it’s a newly suite or an antique, well loved, wingback chair, leather furniture can look absolutely stunning when it’s thoughtfully combined with the right décor. Not only is it comfortable and opulent, leather simply looks fabulous. That’s probably why it’s the first luxury furniture time of choice for many households.

Closet Tidy

Summer in London is now in full swing! Despite the changeable weather,  life in July is always packed full of events where you want to look your best: dinner parties, Speech Days and even lazy afternoons in the park. Chances are the more full your social calendar has become, the worse your wardrobe looks.