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New Year Resolutions for Keeping Your House Clean and Tidy

We are halfway into the second month of this new year and like most people you must have come up with certain resolutions. Keeping ones New Year’s resolutions is not always a walk in the park. It requires a level of commitment especially when it’s about your personal fitness, eating a balanced diet, personal finances and housekeeping.  Well, other than housekeeping, we at Chalcot can’t do much about all the others.

Chalcot maintains a reputable house cleaning services that utilizes the expertise of highly qualified house maids. Achieving your New Year resolutions for keeping your house clean and tidy is has never been any easier.

Looking forward to getting your year started on a clean note? Let’s dive right in!

Define a House Cleaning Schedule

Failing to create a clearly defined house cleaning routine leads to overwhelming yourself with a lot of cleaning tasks. This is a very common mistake among many folks but one that can be rectified with proper planning. Setting small manageable goals will allow you to stay on top of the house cleaning without exhausting yourself out.

Different house cleaning services in London will vary in how they schedule their house cleaning appointments but if you have a clearly defined schedule, it could help set things in motion a lot quicker. Keep in mind that it might take you about 3 weeks to form a new habit after which it will be all about maintaining the home cleaning schedule.

Adopt Clean Smart Tips and Techniques

It would admirable to have a strategic approach when it comes to upholding your new year’s house cleaning resolutions. The more organized you are the better you carry out the cleaning tasks and the cleaner and tidier your house gets. This will help you achieve the goals you set out in your resolutions with or without the help of house cleaning services.

Some inspirational tips to get you going:

  • Acquire all the necessary cleaning equipment and make them easily accessible
  • Remove the unnecessary hassle of cleaning the kitchen by using simple cleaning tricks such as laying extra liners at the bottom of trash cans and check the fridge to ensure anything that should be discarded is gotten rid of.
  • Clean on the go while cooking or serving
  • Avoid or eliminate sentimental clutter from your house.

Request for Backup

Due to unavoidable circumstances, you may not be able to achieve your resolutions at all times. This can be the case when it comes to creating new cleaning schedules or clutter control. In these situations, you may call upon the help of friends or expert house cleaning services near me.

To save you the pain of having to search for house cleaning services in London, always reach out to Chalcot for our customized house cleaning. We are conveniently located and have helped a lot of clients achieve their new year house cleaning resolutions. Whether you are looking for a one time clean or more of routine scheduled house cleaning, we are your lifelong partner to help you keep your promise for a neater home.

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