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Summer in London is now in full swing! Despite the changeable weather,  life in July is always packed full of events where you want to look your best: dinner parties, Speech Days and even lazy afternoons in the park. Chances are the more full your social calendar has become, the worse your wardrobe looks.

At this time of year, it’s so easy for your wardrobe to become more messy than tidy. After trying on a dozen frocks to find the perfect one, and digging around looking for your favourite shorts, you will have loads of clothes that need to be hung up properly, re-folded and shoes and accessories that need to be re-organised.

Let Chalcot House Services help get your wardrobes back under control. In addition to your regular housekeeping service, our team can tidy up your wardrobes and make everything look picture perfect. All items will be hung up properly and grouped to your preference of item type, colour or by outfit.

Having your wardrobe tidied can also be done while you are on holiday — after the flurry of packing for your summer hols imagine coming home to a perfectly organised wardrobe — what bliss!

While cleaning out your wardrobe, our team will inspect your clothes and put aside those items which need to be sent out for dry cleaning, or ironing. Items will also be checked for loose buttons or holes and put aside for mending.  We can also organise alterations for your clothes as well.

In addition to ensuring your clothes are neat and tidy, we also pair and organise shoes, and lightly clean and organise accessories. Our team will ensure you will not only be able to find the perfect accessory but it will be clean and ready for you when you want it.

The Chalcot House Services team are more than just professional cleaners. We can turn your house into the beautiful, clean and tidy home you have always wanted to live in.

Call Chalcot House Services and book our wardrobe tidying service today!

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