How to Take Care of Leather Furniture

Whether it’s a newly suite or an antique, well loved, wingback chair, leather furniture can look absolutely stunning when it’s thoughtfully combined with the right décor. Not only is it comfortable and opulent, leather simply looks fabulous. That’s probably why it’s the first luxury furniture time of choice for many households.

Of course, one of the challenges that comes with any quality leather furniture is its ongoing maintenance. According to Darlings of Chelsea, there are some fairly simple things you can do, however, to make sure your leather sofa or armchair stays in tip-top condition for many years to come.

General Leather Care
• If you want to keep your leather sofa in pristine condition you need to treat it with a good deal of respect. Keep pets away as well as over-excited children and be careful with sharp clothing (studs, belt buckles and even watch straps) when you sit down.

• Putting protective caps over the arms can help with areas where you’re likely to get the most wear, though this can often impact on the aesthetic appeal of your furniture.

• Leather, unfortunately, tends to gather dust so a gentle vacuuming with your soft hoover attachment, or simply an ordinary soft brush if you are worried about damaging the surface, at least once a week is important.

• If your sofa has wooden parts, wiping down with a damp cloth is best – don’t use any strong detergents or polishing sprays that may have a negative impact on the adjoining fabric.

• Ensure your sofa or leather armchair is kept out of direct sunlight and avoid putting it right against the wall because it can stain the paintwork.

• Don’t place leather furniture near a radiator or other heat source which will dry out the leather.

Handling Spills
Even in the most careful households, spills can occur. With leather especially, it is vital to deal with these as soon as they happen – dabbing with a soft, white cloth should do the job. Every leather chair should come with some manufacturer’s instructions for dealing with things like spills so make sure you or your cleaner is aware of these and follow the instructions properly. The golden rule is simple: Always avoid using any detergents and try to dab any spill rather than spreading it over a wider area.

Leather, because it’s a natural product, will have its own individual creases and marks which are all part of the character of your furniture. While it is resilient in many ways, maintaining it takes a little more effort than with other furniture. Even perspiration from your body can cause the leather to lighten or stain over time. A quality leather cream that protects the surface should be used when you first get your furniture and regularly applied at least two or three times a year. For the best result, you can also use a specialist leather cleaner before applying the conditioner.

Certain leathers like suede and brands like Nubuck require more care because they are untreated and you must make doubly sure you use only products stipulated by the manufacturer. Should you not know how to clean or maintain your furniture, it always makes sense to get a professional team in who know exactly what products and methods to use.

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